Privacy Policy

Customer’s privacy is of prime importance to us. To fulfill our responsibility towards our customers, we take every step to make sure of their security and comfort. Under no circumstances we share the sensitive information of our customers like their age, name, sex, date of birth, email, phone number, etc. with any third party.

Anyone is free to visit our site without disclosing any of their personal details. However, to keep a track of the changing visitor trends, we may record your location and IP address. But, we do this just to analyze the likes and dislikes and favorite packages of our visitors so that we can enhance our existing products and services for maximum satisfaction of our customers as well as to design new products according to their needs. After all it’s our visitors who secure the top spot in our priority list.

Sometimes our customers may be prompted to accept our cookies so that it will be easier for them to visit our site if they want to. Generally, cookies are lines of codes stored in our visitor’s computer that store information like login time, logout time, time spent on website, links clicked, most viewed pages etc. This makes browsing much easier for them when they come back again.

We run a few third party NPII advertisements on our site. This helps us in generating revenue in order to keep our site running. These third party advertisements can access very restricted data like the number of days you visit our website, the products you go through, etc. We are bound by our privacy policy not to disclose any of your personal information and as such no personal information is collected by them. To collect anonymous information, most of the websites use a policy called “Pixel tag”. We also allow our advertisers to collect information related to the traffic on our website. Apart from this, all the personal information of our client is hidden under full security. If you want to know more about anonymous information collection, you can refer here.

When you make the decision of booking your travel package with us through booking/e- commerce transactions, we collect the following information related to you:

  • Name and Sex
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Date of Birth in case of a child

We never sell any of your personal information to any other third-party. We work with the belief that our goodwill is much more important than all that money.

Your personal details may be shared with related service providers like airlines, hotels, etc. which allows them to reserve or book their services on your behalf.

Your payment information like credit card and net banking details are collected directly by the payment gateways and banks and we never store any such information. Even if they are stored with us, they remain internal and secured and are never shared with anyone, except for the private/government security agencies who use them to screen fraudulent activities. These details may also be shared with certain third parties who use it for the purpose of processing ‘cash Back & Discounts’ and Charge Backs, when and where applicable.

Other information like your telephone no, e-mail address and postal address can be used by us for promotional purposes, unless the customer chooses to opt-out of such use. If our customers prefer not to share this information, they can still visit our website but may not access certain functions, offers and services.

We take all the steps necessary to protect your information that you prefer to share with us. We make use of cutting-edge technology and security features along with strict policy guidelines to keep your personally identifiable information safe from unauthorized access and improper use or disclosure. You can contact us on to find out the names and addresses of the third party entities than can have the privilege to access your personal information in a given transaction.

Our website will always implement the best possible measures through the use of latest technologies to provide maximum security and ease to our customers.

In case we need to review or update our privacy policy, we will keep you updated about the same on our website which will be available to you all.

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We are Complete destination management company , handling all aspects of travel management.
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We are associated with the leading hotels in India. Our unique selling points lies in our penel of hotels.
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Offering intelligent solutions for accommodation with in your budget.
Payment Flexibility :  
Providing the facility of bill to company as well the facility of direct payment at the hotel.
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